1. Loud and non-academic discussions are not allowed inside the library. Silence must be observed at all times.
  2. Smoking, eating, drinking, and napping are also strictly prohibited inside the library.
  3. Vandalism/destruction of library properties such as books, computers, chairs, and tables will be penalized accordingly.
  4. Cellphones and other similar devices must be in SILENT MODE to avoid distraction to other library users.
  5. Academic discussion with tolerable voice tone is allowed at the first floor of the library. The second floor and the library annex is a Quiet Zone (complete silence in these areas must be observed at all times).
  6. Disrespectful language and/or gestures against any Library Personnel and Staff will be advised to attend disciplinary counselling.
  7. Playing games, chatting, and accessing non-academic websites are not allowed.
  8. Students should not commit acts such as hiding or stealing of books or other library properties, tearing out pages of books and periodicals and forging signatures for such are subjected to suspension of their library privileges. More serious misdemeanors shall be dealt with by the Office of Student Affairs.
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