Research and Extension



CNSC as a premier Higher Education Institution in the Bicol Region through excellent and relevant research and development programs.



The CNSC Research and Development Division as responsive service provider in generating, dissemination and applying research-based knowledge and technologies for sustainable development in the fields of education, arts and sciences, economics, health, engineering, management, finance, accounting, business and public administration, fisheries, agriculture, natural resources development and management and ladderized courses.



  1. Strengthen research capabilities to reinforce extension, production and instruction.

  2. Institutionalize policies leading to research culture.

  3. Attain quality and relevant research undertakings.

  4. Package research outputs, which generate science-based know-how, tool and products that would enable the agriculture and aquaculture to raise productivity, to world class standards, particularly on Queen Pineapple & Indigenous commodities and other agri-fishery respectively.

  5. Develop research-based technologies for use and commercialization.



  1. To conduct basic and applied researches.

  2. To package mature technologies in collaboration with the extension services division.

  3. To ensure transfer of research outputs to stakeholders in coordination with the Extension Services Division.

  4. To collaborate directly with the LGU's, BCARRD, BCIERD member-agencies, business sector and non-government organizations (NGO's) in the development and validation of technologies.

  5. To generate resources needed in the implementation of R&D programs/projects.

  6. To establish linkage with other research institution, industries and private sector.

  7. To establish and maintain an information system for effective planning, development, and monitoring and evaluation of R&D program/projects.

  8. To implement policies and guidelines supportive of the institution's vision, mission, goals and objectives.

  9. To strengthen coordination with other research and allied institutions in the country and overseas.

  10. To continuously upgrade and maintain functionality of R&D facilities.

  11. To intensify the involvement of faculty members in conducting research programs/projects/studies/activities.



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