The Vision, The Mission, and The

Quality and Environmental Policy




CNSC as a Premier Higher Education Institution in the Bicol Region.




The Camarines Norte State College shall provide higher and advance studies in the field of education, arts and science, economics, health, engineering, management, finace, accounting, business and public administration, fisheries, agriculture, natural resources development and management and ladderized courses. It shall also respond to research, extension and production services adherent to progressive leadership towards sustainable development. 


Quality and Environmental Policy


We, at the Camarines Norte State College, aiming to become a Premier Higher Education Institution in the Bicol Region, are committed with utmost care of the environment in providing excellent services in instruction, research, production and extension that are responsive to the satisfaction of our students and other stakeholders.

To achieve these, we shall implement an internationally recognized integrated management system in our operations, processes and services shall:

  • comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, the mandates of the College and relevant needs and expectations of our students and other stakeholders, and the requisites of  our quality and environmental management system;

  • delight our students and other stakeholders by providing value-adding experiences to become well-rounded and more competitive future leaders in the midst of global issues;

  • protect  the environment and prevent pollution by optimizing the use of electricity, paper , water, and other resources and adopt the safe and responsible methods of reduction, reuse, recycling and proper disposal of wastes;

  • provide our employees support to grow and achieve their full potential in their respective fields, thereby sustaining a competent , motivated, engaging and environmentally conscious workforce;

  • develop and extend innovative technologies to our stakeholders contributing to the country's sustainable development; and

  • establish objectives aimed at improving he efficiency of our operations, processes, and services for our college growth and development.

We shall make this policy an essential part of our instruction, research, extension and production services to ensure that it continuously provide us strategic directions inimproving our overall quality and environmental performance, and of our integrated management system.




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