The Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension thru the VP for Research and Extension Engr. Cesar B. Bermundo spearheads the conduct of the Regional Research Development and Extension (RD & E) Congress held on June 25-28, 2019 at the CNSC Main Campus Amphitheatre. The gathering generally intends to teach Writing for Publication, Writing Extension Proposal and Technology Pitching and Commercialization. It gathered researchers from higher education institutions in the Bicol region in writing research papers for presentation and publication in peer reviewed journals and technology pitching for commercialization of extension projects.

The participants are faculty researchers from Camarines Sur Polytechnic College (CSPC), Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (CBSUA), Mabini College Inc. (MC) and the host institution Camarines Norte State College (CNSC).  


The Resource Speakers and their Topics:

                Writing and Peer Reviewing Techniques for Publication

                International Standards for Publication

                JAKE M. LAGUADOR

                Director, Center for Research Innovation and Data Management

                Editor-in-Chief, Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research (CHED and ACI journal)


                CHED Research and Extension Programs

                CHED Research Funding Opportunities

                Packaging of Research Proposal for CHED Grant

                CUSTER C. DEOCARIS

                Division Chief, Research Managemet Division


                Technology Pitching and Commercialization

                MICHELLE S. CARBONELL, MS Physics, LL.B.

                Faculty, College of Arts and Science

                Director, Office of Student Services and Development

                Fellow, Leaders in Innovation Fellowship, Newton Science Program

                Research Project/Co-Inventor - Queen Pineapple Technologies


An open forum was conducted at the end of every discussion for clarification and sharing of insights.

18 completed researches  and nine extension projects are presented and disseminated.  Further, three extension proposals related to Culture and Arts and Tourism are presented and critiqued for possible CHED grant. These are titled: Sustainable Development of Food Tourism in Camarines Norte, Inclusive Development of Tourism Industry in Camarines Norte and Cultural Inquiry Toward Tourism Potential Exploration of Indigenous Peoples Tribes. The interdisciplinary proposal is anchored on Sustainable Development Goals that includes the background, the grant cost, Projects & Methods, Research Impact, and its Link to the institution’s Teaching and Extension Mission.

Dr. Adrian C. Guinto, Research Services Director and Prof. Gennevie L. Elep, Extension Services Director and their staff facilitated the event.

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